Bongbong Hopes To Become President Like His Father!

Bongbong Marcos wanted to run for President.  He, like the 204 congressmen in the house also believes that his father, the late strongman-dictator Ferdinand was a hero whose remains are  in a private mausoleum in Batac, Ilocos Norte should be buried at the “Libingan Ng Mga Bayani”, in Taguig.

To put some perspective in the minds of people too young to remember the martial law era, here is a snippet of it.

During Mr. Marcos’s martial law, torture and “salvaging” were routine.

Maria Elena Ang, 23 years old UP  journalism student, on her way to church on August 6, 1976 was  snatched   by the elements of 5th Constabulary Security Unit (CSU) headed by Lt. Victor Batac.

She narrated:

“Unidentified military officers dumped me into their car.  It was about five minute trip from my place of arrest to a secret headquarters of ISAFP.  Immediately I was subjected to a most degrading, inhuman and humiliating  experience  I would never  want to relive again.  But the memories keep coming back.  Up to now, in detention, I still have recurrent nightmares.

They threatened to kill me, get my relatives and torture them in front of me. They kept telling me nobody saw them taking me in……

An agent then forcibly removed my blouse and bra and unzipped my fly. Another brought in a hand-cracked electric generator used in military telephone.

Two exposed wires were then tied around the little fingers of my right hand foot. … … I  could do nothing but scream… The electric session lasted for nearly two hours and was repeated in the evening.

After the electric shock, the military authorities were still not satisfied. This time I was stripped naked and force to lie on a short table.

At this instance, Major Arsenio Esguerra of the 5th MIG-ISAFP entered the room and signaled the start of the water cure, which they laughingly called the NAWASA session – Nawasa being the supplier of water in Manila.  This time, besides four men restraining my hands and feet, another formed my hair into a bun and pulled my head down so that it kept hanging on the air until I felt that the water was racing though my brains.  I passed out twice but they kept pouring until I thought I would die.

Beside pouring water, several agents mashed my breasts while another contented himself by inserting his fingers in my vagina after failing to make me masturbate.” (Alfred McCoy, “Closer than Brothers,”  p. 215-16)

6 thoughts on “Bongbong Hopes To Become President Like His Father!

  1. Another Marcos as President ? this is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house , in other words it would be history repeating itself

  2. And Bongbong denies the family has done any wrong.

    That itself shows what an evil sick fuck he is, like his parents and siblings.

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