Katrina Halili, God and the Church

       hayden-kho-and-katrina-halili-sex Ms. Katrina H. represents our today’s  confused or embattled generation.  In a telenovela, Gagambino with Dennis Trillo,  she was one of the heroines who battled the forces of evil  (Ms. Jean Garcia and one Harold) so she and others can save mankind from extinction, but in another dimension,  you saw her modeling see-through lingerie and skimpy bikinis on the ramp or posed in still lurid and alluring photos of flesh.

        In the first, she serves as role model for our young people to do what is good and resist everything evil yet  in another dimension you saw her sensual curvatures and contours sufficient to soak up one’s nocturnal fantasies.  Your vision of her in this dimension could lead you to an honest perception that if she  advertises that much, she could sell as much.  Did she sell this time around?  Or it was purely for fun?

        images[3]The young generation is lost on Katrina H.  She is a heroine who fights evil but she could  be the epitome of the very same forces that she was battling against.

       The Church was right all  along in its position that those pills and other contraception which the government had tried to sell to the public to address population problem could backfire and lead people astray towards promiscuity.   Ms. Katrina H and Mr. Kho,  and others could engage in this voyeuristic activity in a one-nightstand unfettered by the responsibility that traditional couple would assume when they engaged in this kind of intimacy. That they engaged in it for fun,  is entirely different from those who engaged in it as an expression of the oneness of their souls. They look at is as the primeval expression of basal instinct for flesh and sex,  while ideally, people should only engage   in it because they are in love with each other.  This is the Church’s  line which unfortunately, many have considered this to be primeval too.

       But Mr. Kho, who presumably had taped this lustful encounter with Ms. Katrina H. and leaked it to the media thereafter, should have taken clinical psychology first before cosmetic medicine so he could have his head examined before he is even allowed examine another person’s anatomy to perfect it.  And from where I sit,  Mr. Kho has the propensity of examining  a person’s anatomy which is already perfect and flawless and therefore does not need his expert intervention.  Apparently, the intervention was of different dimension using a probing scalpel that was  never sanctioned before by the medical board.   He is embroiled now in a “medical malpractice” .katrinahalili-1[1]

       All these talks about sanctions and passage of a cyber-law to address privacy violation and pornography in the internet while laudable and appropriate,  had missed one larger issue:  We cannot legislate an acceptable standard of morality in our populace.  We have to instill that morality and virtues to our children direct from our homes and ask our children to emulate persons whom they know personally to be upright and virtuous  and not to emulate those movie personalities whose “virtues” were packaged commercially by media using flesh and skin as the basic framework.

      From my standpoint, we are losing our young generation because we have lost God in our own generation.


16 thoughts on “Katrina Halili, God and the Church

  1. SLICK, good looking blog, JCC. Must admit, I can’t read a thing in this post…my eyes can’t focus on the words and letters for some reason…Must be the lovely FONT you are using. So clean…so strong!

  2. Recently I met a young woman who despite her circumstances and her past has made some sensible choices. She has made her education and her job the top priorities in her life. She has aspirations and they are about making a difference in the lives of the most needy. Her sense of self does not revolve around material possessions or the latest trends. I find her courageous. But it is sad that she is so unique, and that most young people I encounter seem shallow, misguided and ignorant. Just like the people you wrote about they seem to lack respect for themselves and so have no respect for others. They never learned that actions have consequences, big, small, temporary, lasting, public and personal.

    My question is: Does the Filipino habit of leaving everything to God and fate help sidestep responsibility and accountability? I feel as a people we have become lazy and lawless. The habit of buying pirated movies and designer knockoffs blurs our sense of right and wrong and does not help us when confronted with challenging situations. We Filipinos have a sliding moral scale that we don’t realize or refuse to acknowledge is what tarnishes our international image.

  3. No one is advocating that we leave everything to God. We should rather surrender ourselves to God and do as He bids. Love one another. If love would be the basis of every man’s act, the world would be a more blissful place to live in.

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  6. akoPnoy,

    typically pinoy mentality who believes that in today’s global economy and technology, tagalog has the advantage over international language as english. as einsten said: “nationalism is the famous refuge of the scoundrels”.

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