Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s Squid Tactic!

jinggoySenator Jinngoy Estrada’s privileged speech before the Senate on September 25, this year was a simple “squid tactic.”  He tried to muddle the issue to avoid responsibility in directing his PDAF allocations to the non-existing NGOs of the controversial con-artist, Janet Napoles.

His speech was beamed towards the same audience who voted him and  members of his family to public office.

Senator Estrada claimed that they had been pilloried by the press already and their ‘’human rights” had been grievously violated by the  relentless and licentious coverage of the scandals while the allies of the administration who were also on the COA report with controversial PDAF had been spared from the vicious attack from the media because they weren’t included in the investigation.

Administration officials quickly pointed out however, that the current investigation was an offshoot of the Ben-Hur Luy expose’ about Janet Napoles fake NGOs but others will be investigated too pursuant to COA’s report.  Those other NGOs with public officials involved will be dealt with soon according to Justice Secretary De Lima.

Mr. Estrada rebuked also the present administration by saying that  additional pork of P50 million were given to each senator who voted CJ Corona guilty of “betrayal of public trust” in May last year. But he conveniently denies his ‘guilty vote’ being influenced by the P50 million pork “incentive” but purely on his belief that Corona was guilty.

Speech is cheap that the senator can readily make one to make him look immaculate unlike most of his colleagues who were ill-motivated for impeaching Corona on P50-million  PDAF incentive.  He took a high moral ground and trashed the people whom he hob-knobbed with in the Senate and virtually accused them as low-lives by prostituting their duty as impeachment-jurors and the dignity of the Senate. 

Mr. Estrada was waxing an entirely different narrative because he was at the receiving end of a charge accusing him with  pillaging the treasury.

If one faces the prospect of a plunder charge that could land one in jail, you can understand all the theatrics Senator Estrada was skillfully peddling the public with – after all he was an actor, and he was pandering to the very electorate that voted him as well as other members of his family to office on the strength of their cinema image.   Though the Senate becomes a circus occasionally of which ‘good acting’ comes in handy,  Estrada’s performance  in that ‘august chamber’  lately cannot resonate on the audience outside the unsophisticated genre of cheap-cinema-goers that normally patronize their useless reels of make-believe.

The information super-highway is populated by citizens who could not care less if he is handsome and he smells like a baby that can  emote tremendous grief and shed tears on cue.  His online audience care for substance, honesty and quality, something the Senator lacked miserably.corona

The legislator from San Juan bewailed the ‘trial by publicity’ by the press.  Despite his money, appeal and monopoly of the Senate floor to make cheap speech, he could be ungenerous to the media that called him a thief.  As if his worth as a politician  cannot be processed by people outside his captive audience. If he is what he claimed he is, he can allow the free market examine his posturing and let it decide if he is a fraud or a patriot!    

It seems strange too that as a politician,  Senator Estrada appears uninitiated in the language of politics.  To get a broad political coalition to support a majority position, the administration has to distribute fortunes because principles are not bankable in these two morally bankrupt sinkholes we call the Senate and the House.

PDAF exists for a reason.  It has to bankroll the ouster of Merceditas Gutierrez and Renato Corona because from the perception of the administration, it cannot prosecute the “crooks” if these two officials remain in the government.   What is so hideous in that?  Is this not something we  all must rejoice?

PDAF was released to lawmakers as a “reward” for doing the right thing so they can fund their pet projects like livelihood generation, medical services, social services and scholarship programs in their  districts.  Why is this so distasteful to Senator Estrada?

If the lawmakers siphoned the money off to their personal bank accounts, do we excuse them because the Budget Office had released these money to their favorite NGOs which gave the legislators a percentage of the overall project costs,  or even if the project is entirely ‘ghost’ or we assign fault and must prosecute them to the full measure of the law?  

The gentleman from San Juan had been acting lately and behaving irresponsibly.  This is one act though that he cannot do a retake to repair a severely bruised image.

5 thoughts on “Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s Squid Tactic!

  1. Yes, good use of hammer. I’m curious what will come out of the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing. They have a lot of facts before them now, if they find witness testimony credible. They also have Department of Justice accusations in hand. Minimally, they could suspend the three senators pending outcome of the Ombudsman inquiry. If they continue to operate as the morally bankrupt sinkhole you describe, they will fail the People again by doing nothing. Letting someone else do that which is responsible (the Ombudsman) and sitting back to complain and criticize. Just as Estrada lets others take the fall for his transgressions. What a lack of sense of honor.

  2. One U.S. writer and minister was asked if he prays for the Senators of the country. He replied that whenever he sees the Senators, he prays for the country!

  3. Nice write Jcc, pero palagay ko hindi masasakyan ni Sen. Estrada ang mga sinabi mo kasi sa tingin ko eh wala siyang awareness. While he is in the senate all that time being an actor sa puting tabing he think he still on acting…so immoral and bakya so exposed no one wonders how he tick…I will also say this to few senators I think they make the senate and the congress their profession not to serve their constituents but to line their own pockets.

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