Cynthia Villar Was High On Winnie Monsod Show!

villarSenatoriable Cynthia Villar, NP,   thought her Feb. 23 public appearance at GMA TV “Pagsubok ng Mga Kandidato”  was another “talipapa” gig that she can easily breeze through with abundant flair.  She was mistaken.  Ms. Winnie Monsod was not the regular “palengke  habitue” who easily swoon to big-shot politicians and looked petrified over their embellished “public service” credentials.  So it comes to pass — the encounter proves Ms. Villar’s undoing. She lacks finesse and she lacks brain. That she did not implode due to embarrassment is a testament enough that thick hide is the epidermal coating of most politicians.  Or she could be high on pot to be able to comprehend the gravity of her disastrous public discourse!

Drawing flak from various sectors, she explained that with limited time, she could not, with eloquence describe her sincere sympathy  to the hard-working nurses who toiled abroad with dignity.  But it is not about the insult she heaped against the nurses that could trigger a huge backlash from her target audience.  It was her support for substandard educational system  that incensed the public.

Ms. Monsod delivered the first punch that  Ms. Villar as member of Congress opposed the recommendation of Technical Nursing Committee of CHED to close some 23 nursing schools for dismal performance of their students in the board exams.

Ms. Villar’s said that she opposed the recommendation of the CHED  because these  substandard schools had already spent money for their school facilities. Parsing her answer, it appears that it was  okay to continue substandard nursing schools so that the school operators can realize a return of their investments.  According to Ms. Monsod the chairman of the CHED technical committee resigned in disgust, but  Ms. Villar brushed it aside as purely personal matter.

Anway, Ms. Villar justified substandard nursing schools this way:

Nursing schools can continue to operate even in the absence of  allied ‘tertiary hospitals’.

(By the way, tertiary hospitals are those that provide sub-specialty services where students actually render real-time health care duties to real patients and their supervised performance in this environment is necessary for the student to pass the course.)

Tertiary hospitals according to Villar are dispensable because the training in this environment is required only during the third year of college.  But she said that nurses  do not need a BSN degree anyway  because they were only performing “room nurse” duties. Thus, she was arguing indirectly that a student could be trained in less than 3 years in nursing duties, if that is so, then clinical duties in tertiary hospitals, which comes during her third year in college does not come into the picture.  What she had in mind is the 2 year associate degree in Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the U.S., but she was clueless that even in this 2 year period, students were immersed with lot of real-time clinical duties in tertiary hospitals.

And in the U.S., and other countries, she said, nurses can be mediocre because they were simply performing “room-nurse” duties, whatever that means.

Ms. Villar is a fraud who would allow businessmen, instead of educators, run the schools. And if she has a college degree, her ethos is reflective of the diploma mill that produced her.  Despite her position as member of Congress  on Committee for Higher Education, Ms. Villar sees nothing wrong in perpetuating the operations of diploma mills in the country, specially nursing schools that churn out  students that cannot pass their board exams year after year so long as these schools can make money out of their investment.

Instead of weeding these nursing schools out and turn their portals as shining crucibles for competitiveness and excellence, Ms. Villar would want these schools  to fleece out in perpetuity the hard-earned money of the parents of these young students.

It does not require a genius to figure out that this kind of endeavor  is a grand larceny, sanctioned by the government or politicians like Ms. Villar.

The supreme irony is, you could be addressing her Senator Villar after May.

For all the venalities of Marcos during his misrule, he did one thing right though, abolished Congress.

It looks like to be ruled by alternating idiots, brigands and despots, is our misfortune as a people!

6 thoughts on “Cynthia Villar Was High On Winnie Monsod Show!

  1. Whatever she was taking it was indeed very strong. Too strong that she unwittingly exposed her true self…… matapobre, LOL.

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