I Voted Republican!

After more than an hour in a line, with Loisa, our neighbor, I finally voted at Edison Elementary School.  I voted Republican in a State that is traditionally a Democrat.  This is a Blue bastion because they say that Michigan is middle class or working class State.  They believed in the hype that Democrats care for the middle class. I believed that neither party does.  Both are political oligarchies which are captives of financial lobby groups.  I voted Republican for a singular reason that this party does not believe in abortion, period. I don’t care for all other issues because neither is believable in these issues anyway.

I can say that there was a heavy voter turn-out in the precinct where Loisa and myself voted.  Other precincts were moderate, no long queues.  Moderate turn-out simply means Michigan  will remain Blue.  Heavy voter turn-out means the State can go Red.  Election fever was hardly  felt in this part of the country prior to  and during the actual polling day unlike in the swing States of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and others states, whose electorates got smothered by political mudslinging from both sides. I supposed it was a big respite for Michigan voters and also for voters from traditionally red States not to be clobbered with political sloganeering, and mendacious lies from both sides, because one party has given them up and there is no need to pollute the digital optics with relentless negative ads.

I am an ethnic minority and I felt good having exercised a political right.  My vote would not determine who gets elected President;  it is the collective votes of those who voted like me or the collective votes of those who voted against our choice that does. But it was only during this period that you felt somehow that by voting, you can dethrone a powerful ‘king,’ an ‘oligarch’ or even a ‘despot.’

I voted against proposals that will raise taxes.  I voted Supreme Court and District Judges with eyes closed. I don’t know anyone of them. I became sexiest by voting a female judge against a male judge. I looked at my wife as more humane and more gentle  than myself and I believe that those qualities inhere more in  woman than a man; qualities that are needed in the dispensation of justice.

I voted no to collective bargaining. I looked at labor barons fleecing out every worker at 20 dollars a month doing nothing the whole year round except to file   a grievance for an employee held to account by the management for sloppy job, sleeping on the job or for not doing his job.

Behind me and Loisa on the line however, was an electorate from another country.  I asked if he knew Carol Wojtyla and Lech Walesa.  He said he didn’t know them though he came from the same country.  But he was eager to vote also like Loisa and myself.  But because he was voting in a precinct that has a heavy voter turn-out, I would  assume that he was voting Republican, but he could also be voting Democrat.  Either way, it does not augur well for a country which boasts of a pool of intelligent voters.

In fact, Time Magazine Managing Editor, Richard Stengel’s warning could be appropriate:

“That’s worrisome in a country where government derives its power from the consent of the governed.”

4 thoughts on “I Voted Republican!

  1. Well congratulations on giving your consent to Romney to screw up America. ahahahahaha

    If I had been behind you, I would have neutralized your vote by voting Democratic, so I guess your friend, the guy from Poland behind us, would have picked our President.

    Still, it is better than having some thug in a Maoist jacket doing the picking.

    • hehehe.. Joeam, my wife did not vote because that would cancel out my Romney’s vote. But my Romney’s vote was cancelled out by my son’s Obama vote in California… . That’s democracy in our family — in full splendor. 🙂

      • Well, it’s good to know that there are two right-thinkers in your family. Cheers. Enjoy the election coverage. I’ll be glued to the TV today myself.

  2. As I mature, I lean towards a bit to the left of the Center, that explains my preference for the Democrats. No, I’m not an American citizen.

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