It Is But Just That Pacquiao Should Lose!

My wife was upset. She could not sleep. Her favorite basketball team lose to Miami Heat and Pacquiao lose to Bradley.

I told her, it is but right that the Heat should win against Boston Celtics  and Pacquiao should lose to Bradley.

But I also told her that Oklahoma Thunders will win against the Miami Heat.

In the case of Pacquiao, the world still sees him as the Champ despite his loss!

C.J. Ross and Duane Ford, the two judges who scored 115-133  for Bradley at the MGM Grand last night represented the American race-bias ethos  and their outlandish concept of ‘fair-play’ and its flipside,  “contempt.”


Manny  is a Filipino and Bradley is an American, though, black.  Race is a factor that can spell the difference between victory and defeat.  That the judges can vote purely on issue of skin color rather  than pure athletic prowess is part of that calculus.

The American whites discriminate against their black brothers. For black to succeed in any endeavor, he must be twice as good as the white, not only a notch or  two notches better, but  twice better.  The NBA is dominated mostly by black players because they are twice as good as their white counterparts.  Obama was elected President because he was twice as good as the white Republican candidate,  John McCain.

But the Las Vegas fight last night was not between white and black but between black American and brown Asian.  Bradley is a native son and Manny is not, hence the race card can be transported into this blood sport using that race-mix bias.  To win, Manny must show that he was twice a pugilist than Bradley – he can only win by knocking him out.

Manny was afforded some slacks in his win over Juan Miguel Marquez, because Marquez is Mexican.  The Mexican pugilist could have won that fight had he been an American, white or black. Manny though was annoyed by criticisms of his own ‘kababayans’ about his sluggish performance with a plea for understanding that winning a bout in this bloody arena  does not always have to come with a spectacular knockout!


The judges clearly saw that the challenger was assured a prize booty of  $5 million,  while Many  with $26 million excluding portions of the proceeds from HBO-PPV.

For $5 million, Bradley traded blows with Manny for 12  rounds most of which were exciting  in favor of the Filipino fighter, though some rounds were lackluster.  For a challenger to withstand 12 rounds  against the best pound-for-pound slugger there is in the horizon, but  expecting only a reward of $5 million, was a spectacular feat he can savor with immense pleasure despite his own doubts about it.

But for a champion with more than five times the money his challenger can bring home after the fight, only to win most of the rounds, was a big letdown. It was not Bradley who came short of the public’s expectation, it was our champ, Manny Pacquiao.

The judges were expecting Manny to box twice as good as their native son, Bradley because the former was handicapped by race.  Failing in this, it was just ‘fair’ that their favorite son gets the plum!  — For Bradley, it was a combination of race and that very American principle of   ‘equal work, equal pay’ that tipped the scales to his victory.


Of course the flipside of this ‘race card’ and this concept of ‘fair-play’ is the American culture of contempt.   They can no longer reduce the prize money contracted for Pacquiao, win or lose,  but they could not quite derive comfort in seeing him fully intact and unscratched after 12 rounds  with $26 million in tow,  knowing that in Manny’s native soil,  people can kill for $100, or even less than that amount.

The only way to give him a win card is to see him dripping with blood stalking and maiming his opponent  at every round to the pleasure of equally blood-thirsty crowd.  After all, during the gladiatorial days of the ancient Rome for which the modern boxing evolves, in order to score a win, the gladiator has to render his opponent lifeless.

Stripping him of a championship belt is  symbolic enough of that failure to see in Manny that fervor  that predominates among  third world citizens, who for bread crumbs, can duel up to death – or from that old gladiator who must leave the arena only if his adversary is totally immobilized.  But here is a guy, going home with more than bread crumbs with no broken ribs or disfigured face and an opponent very much alive.

Two of the judges found it unacceptable!   But who cares, our champ goes home with opulent money bag,  face intact and a belief that he won the fight!


The other version of the story however, is that Manny knew beforehand that the match had been rigged and he had asked his handlers to join the MGM mob; put up all the bets  behind his opponent  and cashed in big on the 5-1 odds.  The WBO reputation is tarnished and the public had been robbed!

5 thoughts on “It Is But Just That Pacquiao Should Lose!

  1. Nice post-fight analysis. But you didn’t even mention the force that made that fight a farce: THE MAFIA. It was clearly a MAFIA handiwork. I am disappointed that your sharp mind, eye and instinct failed to see it. Is all.

  2. As much as people complain about the loss and the whole sanctity of boxing, this is all but fleeting. Manny takes home a cool 26 million, Bradley who is just as hungry is hopefully motivated to stay hungry lest he ruins his only meal ticket to be the one who took down Pac-man in a long time. The whole mafia conclusion may be convincing but at this point, when you become that big, 26 million is a crap shoot in the boxing world. You just make appearances for the sake of getting paid and then if you have any sanity left, ride out to the sunset.

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