Do We Have The Will To Put Ex-CJ Corona Behind Bars?

Recurring political images in the Philipines:

ROLSON RODRIGUEZ, a barangay chairman of Sto. Domingo,  Binalbagan, Negros Occidental was found guilty of dishonesty and oppression.  He was dismissed from the service and stripped with all his retirement benefits and civil service eligibilities.

DELSA M. FLORES, court interpreter of a regional trial court of Davao  received from the municipality of Panabo the measly sum of P1,000.80   (that is one thousand pesos and eighty cents), representing two-week salary from May 16-31, 1991, as clerk of that municipality while she was already appointed court interpreter  during that period.  She also did not report her market stall in her SALN.  Ms. Flores said that she was willing to reimburse the money to the government once she receives her salary from the Supreme Court, which would not come in three months.

And for reason that the following month was June, her children needed the money for the opening of classes, hence she cannot make the refund forthright.

She admitted having a stall market, but denied being engaged in a business which she thought was the one required in the SALN. (Probably a relative was tending the market stall for her).

On account of these two ‘serious offenses,’ she was removed from the service and like Rodriguez was stripped too of her retirement benefits.

CJ Corona was found guilty of culpable violation of the constitution in failing to disclose his huge fortunes – real properties, peso and dollar accounts.

However, Jinggoy, Escudero and Angara would not want the government to determine if those assets were ill-gotten by asking the present administration not to bring forfeiture proceedings against the dishonored jurist.

The Supreme Court en banc is  debating if Corona should get his retirement benefits!  Can you believe that?

Grace Padaca is being hunted by an arrest warrant secured by the illegal loggers and jueteng warlords in her home province of Isabela.

Chavit Singson, a confessed jueteng collector, is still the governor of Ilocos Sur.

The Marcoses are within a striking distance to grab the power they once enjoyed.

Erap while being processed as a plunderer had his commodious private prison cell in Taguig constructed by the government that prosecuted him.

GMA is in hospital until she could secure a similar accommodation provided to Erap.

Erap, found guilty of plunder was pardoned by GMA.

Is PNOY about to pardon GMA if found guilty of election crime?

GMA who snatched the 2004 presidential elections from FPJ is in a hospital to avoid the stinking regular prison cell – while most snatchers from Carriedo-Recto are languishing in urine-drenched rathole we call detention cell.

 Kahlil Gibran sums it up: 
Justice on earth would cause the Jinn
To cry misuse of the word,
And  were the dead to witness it,
They’d mock at fairness in this world. 
Yea, death and prison we mete out
To small offenders of the laws,
While honor, wealth, and full respect
On greater pirates we bestow. 
To steal a flower we call mean,
To rob a field is chivalry;
Who kills the body he must die,
Who kills the  spirit he goes free.

 In another poem, Gibran laments:

In the wild there is no justice
Nor is there a punishment
When the willows cast their shadow
O’ver the ground without consent,
No one hears the cypress saying
“This act is versus law and right.”
Like the snow, our Human Justice
Melts from shame in warm sunlight!

3 thoughts on “Do We Have The Will To Put Ex-CJ Corona Behind Bars?

  1. The two lowly or ordinary government employees who were convicted by the courts received harsh punishments – forfeiture of their retirement benefits and civil service eligibilities. Ergo, those convicted under the law should be punished according to the law. There should be equality in the law both for the rich and the powerful and for poor and powerless. Ergo, punishments rendered to the offenders should equally be rendered to the rich and powerful and for the poor and powerless.

  2. kapwa cpmers sir jcc. dapat lang si nato makulong. baka maisipan ng mga anak nya maging politiko parang si mikey at bongbong at babawiin ang pera at ‘puri’ na nawala sa kanila. kung masama man, pasensya pero i’m all for shaming their breed hanggang tumino. kung hindi pa rin mahihiya, ok na rin as a last resort na tirahin sila. masyado ng marami ang tulad nila na nagpapahirap sa buong sambayanan, dapat ma debit na rin sa lipunan ang mga uri nila.

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