I Was Prophetic About the Supreme Court!

 In 2007, after the Supreme Court invented the concept of ‘technical extortion’  ( sounds like ‘constructive resignation’ the court also invented in the case of Erap) and had suspended me from the practice of law for one year because of it, (though I was no longer practising law 5 years before that because I was already in America), I wrote a book, “Censuring Back The Supreme Court aka, ‘Termites From Within,”  in which I wrote on the flipside cover the following:

“When the printing press had received Tony’s cover design for the book, people in the layout department were disconcerted to find what they thought was a blurry and fuzzy image of a building in between the titles and my name.  They had lost no time in asking me to contact Tony and ask him to send  them a clearer copy of the design.  I emailed Ms. Weng, the  go-between the press and me, to tell her that the blurred image was the artist’s figurative rendition of the termite-laden  building of the Supreme Court . I could have requested for a clearer picture or a newly spruced up building to replace the image because the  ’termites are within’ and not outside it, but I think the termites will soon be outside the  building nibbling away every palisade that supports it.”

Tony Baduria,  a farmer and an artist from Tigaon, Camarines Sur, designed the book cover.  He must have predicted too the dangerous course the Supreme Court was charting since 2007.

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