Doing Your Homework Won’t Hurt!

A week before the impeachment trial of CJ Renato Corona, I emailed Congressman Neil Tupas, Jr., through his House website.  My email could have been routed to his “spam” folder because I have not received any response; or simply,  the team thought that they have every base already covered hence an outside help is not needed.  But it looks like the prosecution was in total disarray yesterday.  I just hope that it can recover from its initial shock!

Dear Congressman Tupas, Jr.;

I do not know you from Adam, but I think your team need a friend.    Like many of our people, I too was tired  with the order of things in our judiciary. Let me work at the background of your team because CJ Corona has a formidable one, the lead of which is no less than ex-jurist Serafin Cuevas, my professor in remedial law.  He is very eloquent, sharp and witty.  Any other lawyer in the defense team  falls  below his legal skill and genius.

This is not meant to scare your team.  It is to recognize the fact that you are up against the best legal minds there are in the horizon. Your only advantage is your quest for the truth  – and let not the truth suffer because your team is ill-prepared for this process.

The impeachment is a small step towards reforming the judiciary.  For even if he is removed by the Senate, the judiciary would still be a big non-performing branch of the government unless one is a high profile litigant with lots of money that can hire hotshot lawyers to bend the law and flaunt it as  pristine moral directive to which everyone must submit.    This is where you were up against – hotshot lawyers with a sleight of hands that can make bad thing appear like good.  How you wish you could have them on your team to make good appear what it is: “good.”

But the impeachment is a monumental step in demolishing our concept that “judicial integrity” and “independence” are equivalent to “judicial untouchability” even in the face of its own tyranny.

I trust in the sublime purpose for which the impeachment was embarked on and I want your team to succeed.  This battle cannot be won  in trenches of the Senate, but  in the hearts and minds of the people outside it and the press that will herald this glorious struggle of Congress as the voice of the sovereign people against the a judiciary whose very chief has become the  symbol of injustice itself.

Your team has to do its homework.  Hitting a home run will not come easy.  Be prepared!

I therefore offer my legal training to research for your team and help in my own humble ways to find light from this total darkness. 



You may visit my blog to mirror my capacity to deliver the kind of services I have offered.

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