PNOY, A Shakespeare Tragedy!

There is a war going on in Mindanao, but President Simeon Benigno Aquino wants to talk about peace; as if peace is a noun that can be processed by these violent Muslims who styled themselves as members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).  Adding comic to this scenario was UP Law Dean Marvic Leonen, who likewise believes that the MILF, whose members are often interviewed and photographed with bandoleer of ammunitions suspended on their shoulders and holding AK-47s really wanted peace; and that makes me wonder what kind of outfit they would adorn themselves if they talk about  war. 

While I can understand the attitude of the guileless President, he not being as smart as his deceased father,  I found it disturbing that a dean of a premier college of the University of the Philippines could be this simpleton  to believe that the MILF wants peace instead of a “piece of that and a piece of those” and their going to the peace table was only a tactical move to give them  time to recruit more adherents, use the negotiation for mileage, and move freely around Mindano because of safe passage conduct courtesy of the government.

But the final objective once cash, converts,  and political climate have been achieved, is to declare a Mindanao Republic, fly their own flag, coin their own money and act as glorified warlords of Mindanao oppressing the very people they pretend to speak for and uproot the christians in the territory.   Am I the only one getting the bigger picture here or our officials have gone nuts and clueless of the true color of the MILF?

I am ashamed to admit that during the last presidential elections, I have twice remitted very small amount of money, and I have Paypal receipts to prove it, to the Yellow Movement, Inc.,  as my symbolic participation in the election and wanted PNOY to win as president out of fear that Manny Villar or Joseph Estrada could win.  Mr. Villar is the quintessential rent-seeker — he pursues politics for economic gain. As a politician, he lobbied before the DPWH  to build roads and other infrastructure across  the Alabang-Paranaque-Cavite area where  his subdivision complexes  were; while  you cannot put Estrada back to Malacanang because he thought of the Malacanang Palace not as a symbol of dignity and authority but an elegant watering hole for  gamblers,  influence peddlers or plain criminals and midnight cabinet personalities partying until early morning, not to mention the fact that he enriched himself with P500 million jueteng payolas in two years, built palaces to his mistresses and lobbied against the SEC investigation of the BW Resources to protect friends that made money for him.

I would have preferred Dick Gordon or Bayani Fernando, but these two candidates did not have the organization and the money to mount a very credible nationwide campaign.  So I got stuck with PNOY.  

But PNOY happened to be another bozo of the worst kind.  Hours after receiving a report that 19 AFP soldiers were ambushed by the MILF soldiers in Basilan, he told the press that he would not pursue these Muslims in their lair, rather he would offer them  the olive leaf of peace so they can go back to the peace table and his naive peace negotiator, Mr. Leonen, with alacrity and fanfare, blurted out that the killing of the soldiers was an isolated incident.  Mindanao is where kidnappings, beheadings and ambushes were being undertaken by the MILF or its proxy, the Abu Sayyaf, almost on daily basis, and here is our government negotiator justifying the recent bloodshed as an isolated incident and the President pursuing peace with the bandits!

This man in Malacanang is a disgrace to the memory of his illustrious father, Ninoy  Aquino.  He cannot understand the pain of the soldiers; the wailings of their loved ones left behind because these  Army recruits belong to the lower class of the society and not from the class origin of his maternal progeny, the “ilustrado” and the elite of the Philippine society, the Cojuangcos.  His discernment is totally lacking of the greater symbolism of this tragedy: that the authority of the Republic is being diminished and its government, hostage by the bandits that perpetrated this horrendous carnage.  He can only sue for peace!  What a wimp!

Somehow, the suspicion that another Cojuangco plotted the death of Ninoy at tarmac in 1983 was gaining currency. Ninoy’s death or his martyrdom would bring both financial and political bonanza to the Cojuangcos.  Corazon Cojuangco became President in 1986 by capitalizing on the sympathy of Filipinos and now, Simeon Cojuangco sits in Malacanang, and  Kris Cojuangco could be next in line.  This  Shakespearean tragedy is too real!

10 thoughts on “PNOY, A Shakespeare Tragedy!

  1. I do not know whom to address this as the writer did not volunteer his name.You said that if it was the late ninoy aquino he would have killed those moslems who have ambushed 19 soldiers. I disagree with your statement because Ninoy, a month before hjs departure told me” Cesar if we become victors in this struggle remember this ,i do not want anymore killings , those that have committed atrocities and the like must be sent to jail, no more killings as the children knew of nothing but killings it has to stop, but, for those that joined us just to take advantage and plunder i will be the first one to put them on the wall” quote unquote. I doubt very much if Ninoy said this to noynoy, but blood is thicker than water and they are the same banana, they are not wimps, they are sincere and peace loving people, we got a leader who look at people squarely and care for them without exception. Peace can always be achieved by people who really care and our moslem brothers can attest to it that noynoy is a different from the previous administrations..

    • Yes, Ninoy would have pursued them to the hills, and brought them to justice, but they would not surrender, so they should be killed. He would not do what his son is doing; refused to pursue these rebels and refused to be outrage for the death of his soldiers. He is not fit to be their commander in chief. He offered peace to those who do not understand the
      meaning of peace.


    • If you ask me, Cesar, the govt. is capable of multi-tasking… Only that it has no will to do multi-tasking. If you go by your position, Mindanao would soon be a Mindanao Republic.

  3. I am very sad to admit that I share the sentiments of Mr. Jcc here. When for the longest time I have advocated peace, this time I can see where the problem lies. I always thought that the MILF is ideology based. I had faith in their cause until last week.
    What I thought were ideologists have become murderers. It was a blatant act of cowardice. After what the president discussed with them in Tokyo — he risked his face in front of the rest of the Philippines — they resorted to this?

    Mr Cesar, pursuit of the perpetrators doesn’t equate to all-out war. But at this point, the murderers be brought to justice. And I believe there will be bloodshed. Lots of it to be spilled. The AFP has all the might to trash the MILF. I know. I was there. Every time the AFP will crush them, MILF asks for peace negotiations.

    Between the morale of the troops and the MILF, it should be an obvious choice. The AFP is the guardian of our country. Yes they have been corrupt, but they are willing to die for the flag. The MILF? I dont know. Either they’re cowards or a fictional group. They talk peace in front of media, yet they’re unaware of the actions of their troops? Stupid. Super. Why are we even talking to them? Useless.

    I really wish there’s another way. We cannot just turn a blind eye to what the MILF did. The law must prevail. The Philippines must triumph.

  4. Jcc and other after october 25 some called noynoy a wimp but they where shocked when he ordered the bombing directed to those who killed our beloved 19 soldiers, you’ve heard of a saying sa ilalim ang kulo, the man is is a man of peace but do not fool yourself, he kicks too and never under estimate him when it comes to love of our country, he wqnts peace for all even for the dog and the cats or cockroaches, even to stupid and idiots.

  5. It was just a form of appeasement after a huge backlash of support from the public who rated his previous response as unpresidential and non-commander-in-chief stance.. but as long as he explores the solution to the Mindanao dilemma through the peace talks, his adminstration is bound to fail. he should get out from this circus and let the MILF realize that he is the a no-nonesense commander-in-chief and tell them that a separate Mindanao enclave with its own army and sharia court is unaccetable, period.

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