Sen. Zubiri Missed His Rendezvous With History. He Should Hire Me His Ghost Writer

Sen. Jose Miguel Zubiri had missed his chance to greatness. His resignation was anti-climactic. He considered himself wronged because of the baseless accusation of poll cheating and to protect a family honor, he found it the better part of prudence to resign his office as Senator.

Nobody is accusing him of cheating, but it was the wholesale cheating of his party, the party in power then, that made him Senator in 2007. He benefitted from that wholesale election fraud, and he cannot cavalierly dismiss the cheating and make a blanket denial about its existence in the light of incontrovertible evidence coming from the mouth of the perpetrators themselves about the cheating. The reason he resigned his position is that nagging doubt about his being duly elected Senator.  He should apologize to the nation and its people for assuming an office for which he lacks a mandate and robbing the other fellow, Koko Pimentel of his legitimate workplace.

He could have told the nation that he was resigning because a cloud of doubt had enveloped his legitimacy as an officer of the chamber and his continued exercise of the office as the 12th elected Senator in 2007 made possible due to the massive cheating of his party, Lakas CMD, makes his present position very untenable.

That it was Koko Pimentel who has the mandate and he is bowing to the will of the people, conveys a  more honorable demeanor. His speech along this line could have achieved a greater height, and his rendezvous with history had been assured.  Historians will preserve his speech for posterity, his lines will be quoted by scholars  — for here is a man who can sit out the electoral protest of his adversary until the term of the contested office had expired, but opted to vacate the office now, guilt-stricken of a crime of which he was innocent about, but nonetheless, assumed the full measure of responsibility of the misdeed of his own party and bear the outrage of the entire nation on his shoulders.

I could have written his main speech this way:

“A dark cloud had enveloped the circumstances of my office as a Senator. So pervasive is this cloud that makes my position untenable and the exercise of my office and its accouterment, grievously painful.  For the past weeks, I feel the brunt of an angry nation. I could not discharge the office I thought I was entitled to perform under this lingering cloud. I could not anymore in conscience bear, that an office of which I have no lawful claim, exercise its privileges and functions and derived benefits there from at the expense of an individual whom the people had actually reposed their solemn trust and confidence . I wish, early on, I have seen through this macabre of Machiavellian magnitude, the machination of my party that seated me as one of the honorable men in this august chamber, and thus avoided being a prey as well as a victim of its insidious plotting.  I could have offered the office to my adversary without murmur, knowing that it was not me whom the people had chosen, and thus leave to a man his due as the legitimate officer of this chamber rather than usurp it and bask in its splendor.

My desire to serve my country well had blinded me of a destructive  partisan objective and had blurred my vision to see what was wrong.  I found my glorious epiphany just now and so I made this resignation which was long overdue, had I only been more discerning.

I apologize to the country and the people I have innocently wronged. I apologize to Koko Pimentel. I renounce my office effective today to pave the way to a worthier adversary to occupy the office I thought had been  lawfully given to me by the people.

Allow me to exit this chamber with my entire family at my side, for their grief and mine are singular in expressing our collective sorrow of having wronged a nation and our people. A wrong that was not clear to us until now.

In the future I shall offer my services again to the people.  Dazed by the inebriating potion of a public calling and addicted by a desire to be their abiding servant, I shall wear an armor of political combat again.  Only an overwhelming mandate, unsullied by cheating for which I do not wish for,  nor in conscience be a part of, shall be my complete absolution and redemption.

(You can hear the entire chamber rousing and hollering for his statesmanship, if only he has the right advisers.  This guy is very handsome that you can easily package his persona as a statesman  rather than remains a despicable tradpol).

8 thoughts on “Sen. Zubiri Missed His Rendezvous With History. He Should Hire Me His Ghost Writer

  1. Excellent. The only problem with that speech is that it is bound to make him the next president. Please spare us. Him being a senator is bad enough.

    btw, how much do you charge per speech anyway? oh never mind. PNoy should get you as a spokesman instead.

    ps. you are right about the handsome part but wrong about the packaging. you should package his persona as a showbiz actor instead.

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