Col. Mariano Must Have A Retinue of Rich Clientele!

“The devil can cite the Scripture for his purpose.” (Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice).

It was in the case of  Navy Colonel Generoso Mariano, who wanted President Noynoy Aquino replaced through extra-constitutional process by quoting the near “scriptural bidding”  of Rizal:

“If we have had bad leaders  today and in the past , it is not the fault of the many of who know less but the fault of the few who know more who do nothing or do not do enough.”

The misguided colonel would read in this quote that such gave him the right to short-circuit a duly constituted government of which on the full regalia of his uniform, he had taken an oath to protect and to defend;  but now he would want it  replaced   by another  system with stooges of his own.

The government has not been on his ass lately as to motivate him to make this  bold call for a sweeping “power-grab” of the popular Aquino government thus lending credence to the suspicion that he was a stooge himself working for those who looted the treasury before.

Presidential Communication Strategy Secretary, Ricky Carandang when interviewed by journalist Raissa Robles said:

“Forces sympathetic or associated with the former president have been trying to agitate the military for a while and are expected to keep trying as the noose tightens around Arroyo’s neck.”

You can see through the colonel’s motive laced with patriotic nonsense that his effort was not totally directed to help the suffering of the people from high prices of food and medicine of which the government, he claimed is helpless to contain, but to promote the agenda of his patrons.

The charade was too much to take and it does injustice to the patriot whom he had generously quoted. For Rizal stands for something that is pure  and his life is finely-tuned in history, science, literature and his profession as an eye surgeon, aims to shed illumination and give sight to the blind and not to obscure it with a grandiose lie.

This destabilization campaign is the “modus operandi” of those who have gravely offended the nation by plunder, looting and even murders – hold the government under siege in order to strike a bargain.

Author Alfred W. McCoy, succinctly explained it:

“After six coup attempts in five years, the colonels were further from power than ever before. During the late 1980’s, the Reform the Armed Forces Movement had launched more coups with less success than an army anywhere.  They had exhausted every option with the tactical canon of the coup d’etat – revolt of the generals, attack on the palace, assault on the capital, urban terrorism, and rural revolt. All had failed.

By the end  of 1990, surrender remained  their only option.  Facing charges for crimes or murder, rebellion, and torture, the RAM colonels, like their peers elsewhere in the developing world, were determined to lay down arms in ways that would guarantee immunity against future prosecution.  In the end, through a mixture of bluff and violence, they not only won an absolute amnesty but had also placed their leader in the Senate, the country’s most powerful  legislative body.  Like its counterparts in Argentian and Chile, the Philippine Military would win “impunity” for crimes and coups”. (Closer Than Brothers, p. 299).

Col. Mariano is not a high profile criminal unlike the other ruthless coup plotters during Cory’s reign though he was once a Honasan underling who participated in the previous coups against Cory.  But he was given a command later because of the kid-gloves treatment these misguided military officers had been receiving from whoever is in power.  Mariano’s repeat incursion unto the political arena was indicative enough that their being accorded with special treatment only makes them unrepenting recidivists.

Now he is cashing into the weakness of the institution by enlisting those who were against the government and rock the boat so his rich patrons can strike a bargain with the present government and close its eyes  for the plunder of the rapacious past regime.

2 thoughts on “Col. Mariano Must Have A Retinue of Rich Clientele!

  1. i think it’s you who is misguided. at tigas talaga ng certainty mo na patriotic nonsense yung pinagsasabi nung mariano.

  2. get yourself a mandate from the people and embark your own political career through the constitutional process. no shortcut please.

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