Reproductive Health Bill Supporters Should Read This Book!

“The One-Minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh”, (ISBN; 978-0-977075-4-0, paperbound, 114 pages; price: $24.95); gives you an idea that this thin book which you can gobble up in less than two-hour undisturbed reading must have some treasure throve in it worth a  quarter of your one hundred dollar bill.  To your surprise, it has.  It offers you alternative cure for illnesses that is least expensive and not being marketed by pharmaceutical cartels. It talks about “oxygen therapy”, ozone and hydrogen peroxide treatment. It preaches about treating the patient as a whole human being (holistic approach), than treat a localized subset of the larger  workings of the human body.”  It is a must book for everyone who cares for his own well-being and wary  of the traditional medical intervention that only brings more profit to health industry and their practitioners other than the well-being of the patient.   It is a must read for those who root for the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill (RHB)  in Congress.

The book also reinforces my own bias against “fertilizers” being marketed by multinationals to grow  more rice in our paddies though they make the soil more acidic and the palay prone to  pests and diseases that can be addressed by spraying them with chemicals which  the same fertilizer companies churn out in anticipation of this screw-up.   Drug companies, like fertilizer companies, are profit-driven and care less of the side effects of their products over time.

I also found in this book some potent arguments against those who touted the benefits of “contraceptives” being hotly debated in Congress right this very moment which the most vociferous supporters hail as a “breakthrough” for women’s health, hence it is  appropriately titled “Reproductive Health Bill”.

Though the copyright says that no part of the book can be reproduced without the permission of the publisher, I take the liberty of officiously copying portion of the book secured in the benevolent motive of the author that if “we work together  to disseminate  the information  in this book, we can be finally be freed from having to pay a trillion dollars to the pharmaceutical companies that are doing their best day and night to propagate the illusion and the deception that they are interested in our health when  in actuality, they are legally robbing us blind with  their drugs – without actually restoring our health.”

The selective quote in this blog could spike interest among readers and generate a feeling of being short-changed if they did not get the actual copy of the book itself.  This optimistic musing places a counterweight for the publisher or author’s concern for copyright’s infringement,  besides, a  quote from a book which promises a breakthrough for alternative treatment and proper accreditation at the forefront, hardly is a kind that patents and copyright laws consider intellectual pilfering.

I found Chapter One,  Disease Is Big Business:  The Awful Truth, as an argument against the very pharmaceuticals joined by their lackey politicians who are pushing for the passage of RHB in our own Congress right now to see how incongruous is their position in assiduously marketing contraceptive products hailed to promote a woman’s well-being instead of promoting their own financial well-being.  To consider that the U.S., a so-called highly developed nation  failed to regulate pharmaceuticals through its own FDA,  one could just imagine how RP can regulate its own FDA to make sure that women feeling the angst of another pregnancy could be actually imbibing poison instead of addressing their fertility.

In one other source said: “

And in the case of contraceptives, these drugs are not being used to treat a disease,  but to manipulate a normal–and critically important–body rhythm, a delicately balanced hormonal ebb and flow that affects every organ system. Estrogens and progestin play important roles in the normal physiology of the brain, bones, liver, heart and blood vessels, immune system, skin and–lest we forget–the reproductive organs. Tiny amounts of hormone can and do affect the function of these tissues, so even the lower doses of synthetic hormones used in oral contraceptives are the physiologic equivalent of endocrinological carpet bombing. Only time will tell what long-term effects these drugs may have on the millions of young women who have taken them during a particularly susceptible period of their development.

A more accurate picture of the long-term effects of these substances on women’s physical and emotional health may begin to emerge as the first generations of contracepting women begin to enter menopause and maturity. We can only hope that the physical harm done to women does not equal the social ills ascribed to contraceptives. Since birth control has become socially acceptable, the rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, infant abandonment, illegitimate births and divorce have reached epidemic proportions.

The “age of the pill” has in fact become the “age of the ill”: sick families, wounded women, fatherless children. This is the sobering reality that statistics do show. (Source: Dr. Jose A. Bufill).

Here is chapter one of   “One Minute Cure:”

FACT:  Americans spend more on health care, yet are sicker than most other people in the world.  Americans suffer from higher incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease and a host of other diseases even though all those  diseases are both preventable and curable.

Yes, it’s a sad fact that despite massive expenditures on medical treatments and drugs, Americans are sicker than ever before in  our history.  One might wonder why the so-called ‘miracle drugs’ manufactured and promoted by pharmaceutical companies – not to mention the highly touted medical ‘breakthroughs’ –  have neither prevented nor cured disease in this country.

The answer is this:   Disease is a big business.

Americans are spending over $2 trillion of dollars on health care, and that figure is expected to reach $3 trillion mark by the end of the decade.   Over $1 trillion dollars of pending is on pharmaceutical drugs.

With these kinds of revenues, there is no  incentive on the part of the pharmaceutical industries to promote better health.  They are most profitable industry in the world, enjoying  average margins of 30,000% to 50,000%! on pharmaceutical drugs over the cost of raw materials.  Sometimes, their markups can be as high as 569,000%!  The average business person in his right mind wouldn’t dare walk away from such profits, and would do almost anything to ensure that the trillion-dollar cash cow remains intact.

As a result, the pharmaceutical industry has assembled a pharma-cartel consisting of army of lobbyists  that influence not only the entire medical industry but also the U.S. Congress; and by extension, the lives of the entire American population.  Pharmaceutical companies spend enormous amounts of money to get doctors prescribe  their drugs to patients; to get the American public to believe ,  via the barrage of drug commercials, that they’ve got a health problem; and to get Congress to pass legislation that ensures their continued profitability.

Case In Point:  A recent investigative report aired on the popular CBS program, Sixty Minutes, revealed that “Congressmen  are outnumbered by 2 to 1 by lobbyists for the pharmaceutical that sends roughly $100 million  a year in campaign contributions and lobbying expenses  to protect its profits.” Because of this, the pharmaceutical lobby almost never loses a political battle that affects its bottom line.  In fact, there have been over 1,500 bills placed in front of the House of Representatives over the last 8 years dealing with pharmaceutical issues – and the drug companies, almost without exception, have gotten what they wanted.

The pharmaceutical  industry has more to gain when people are sick than when they are well. Therefore, they manufacture drugs that only relieve symptoms but do not cure disease.  There’s a vested interest in keeping people sick because the big bucks are in drugs for ongoing diseases.  And yet, pharmaceutical companies’ clever propaganda to  themselves look like the savior of all mankind – a  savior that find ‘cures’ for diseases and saves people’s lives – has successfully deceived us into regarding them with a sense of awe, reverence and respect for all they do for human health.

The irony of it all is that more people have died from preventable diseases than all the wars of the world combined as a direct result of the pharmaceutical business.  These deaths were not just from the use of drugs (as in case of the 106,000 deaths per year from the negative effects of drugs but from the industry’s suppression of information about non-drug health alternatives that could kept people from dying).

Pharmaceutical companies routinely use their power and unlimited financial resources to keep doctors from prescribing natural therapies- and their powerful lobbyists even get Congress to disallow established health claims  for natural remedies.  If you do some research on your own, you’ll find this to be true. They have built an elaborate maze of manipulation, control, infiltration and economic incentives to systematically deceive millions of people into thinking that drugs are the  only solution to disease.

The deception has become so pervasive that we have been brainwashed into thinking that whenever we are  sick or are not feeling well, all we have to do is to take a pill to feel better.  According to a June 8 article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola in his popular  natural health newsletter, “As much as the drug companies want you to believe that it’s normal to take medicine every day, it’s not. It is the rare exception that you should ever need to take a drug”. 

It is of no comfort that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government agency created to protect public health, makes it a priority to promote drugs and the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies.  This is so because many of the FDA’s senior management and members of its advisory committees accept more than $50,000 apiece in corporate grants, contracts and consulting fees from pharmaceutical companies.  It wasn’t until the Vioxx scandal took place that the  true nature of the FDA was revealed, along with its leniency toward the industry it’s supposed to be regulating.  In 2004, Merck marketed Vioxx for the treatment of arthritis and other  conditions causing chronic or acute pain.  Later, it was discovered that Merck had deliberately suppressed the heart attack risks of Vioxx.  The international medical community has criticized the FDA for not only being ‘asleep at the wheel’ while this was happening, but also of acting in collusion with Merck to cover up the  truth. The irresponsible  behavior of the FDA caused Dr. Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet (one of the most respected medical journals in the world) to state, “This discovery points to astonishing failures of Merck’s internal systems to post-marketing surveillance, as well as to the lethal weakness in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory oversight.  Vioxx has since then taken off the market.

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