Happy Easter To Everyone Who Believe!

I have overindulged in Netflix subscription last night and watched four action movies and slept at around 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning and have to wake up for 8:30 a.m. Easter mass. Half-awake I took a bath and off we went to church, though at the middle of the service I  have to escort my wife outside who felt sudden hot flash, a troublesome endocrine imbalance experienced by most women on their menopausal period.  My two daughters, with quizzical look thought that we beckoned to leave maybe due to overfilled bladder.

The church was full, a sign  that plenty of people still celebrate Jesus Christ rising from his sepulcher to ascend to his Father in heaven.  Though on ordinary Sundays, some pews were noticeably vacant, this Easter Sunday,  the priest and deacons giving out the sacramental round wafer have to break them into quarters so everyone lining up for communion have their share of the thin bread, things they would not do on ordinary Sundays.  At the house later I looked at a picture of the “hostia” and found that two indented lines intersect at the center to make it break into four pieces easy.  For Catholics, the ability of the priest to break the bread and give them to faithful is the symbol of sharing and the round bread itself a symbol of unity.  I found it only now when I read a literature about this Eucharistic bread.

I took one quarter of the wafer and break it furthermore so I can share it with my wife who was waiting at the foyer to catch her breath and cool off in the gentle morning breeze.

We go to church on Easter Sunday, but we are lost on the symbolism of the event. Two thousand years since his crucifixion, we hardly feel the agony of it all – the death of the messiah so we can be saved from our sins, and the anguish of angels and his Father in heaven.

John  3:16 For  God so  loved the world, that he gave his only  begotten Son, that whosoever  believeth in him should  not perish, but have everlasting life. 

But why should a Father  willing to send His Son to die for us and how was the Son willing to agree to such a thing? –   We humans do not understand His sacrifice and it much easier for us to reject the entire concept of Christianity and simply become non-believers and atheists.

Happy Easter to Everyone  Who Believe!

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