The Church Rages Over Condom Distribution!

One-Day Old and 3 Weeks Early of Her Schedule. A poweful interaction between Daughter and Father enough to silence the Pro-Abortionist Group.

The church is against RHB 4244 because it is an official government’s position on how eventually end life under the guise of controlling the runaway population growth  to align it to our stagnant economy.

There is no dispute that we must halt our ballooning population that put so much stress on our limited resources.  The government response is unabated condom and pill distribution to our populace, but the clergy sees the bigger picture and opposes it.

The church  considers contraception and other artifices to prevent pregnancy as immoral and suggests that only natural means, abstention  and education of our young couple as acceptable methods.

Condom distribution will encourage our youth to be reckless in their sexual activity or promiscuity because we will be removing entirely the  higher ideals of why a man engages in sex in the first place – which is self-expression of love and to procreate his race.  Procreation, ushers in another area of responsibility of supporting your offspring if they come forth  to this world.

If both young couple and not too young couple are irresponsible now, by engaging in sex despite the consequences of a possible offspring they cannot support,  the tools and benefits from RHB will exacerbate their irresponsibility because this time, they can engage in sex whenever and wherever and at whims without the possibility of bringing forth any offspring, and eventually will look at every sexual communion nothing but for fun, pleasure and lust.

There is a big difference between our going to a whorehouse to empty our testes out from semen deposit, and our putting the light out inside our room as we gingerly slide our wife’s lingerie from her shoulders, lay it on the bedside while we guide her body gently on the soft mattress.  The first activity debases our humanity while the second affirms it.  And if there is a life developed despite our precaution in the first, we have no moral compunction to end it, but in the second, we look at it as a gift from God which excites us as she is being delivered postage-less.  The church addresses our humanity, the government our bestiality.  It is very easy to lose our way in this great debate.

To get a more elaborate view that this RH Bill is pro-rich instead of pro-poor get to this link.

6 thoughts on “The Church Rages Over Condom Distribution!

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  2. The roman catholic church needs to reform its beliefs first before speaking out against the supposed ills of the society it perceives.

  3. if the church changes its belief that contraception/abortion is immoral then there is nothing to speak about its ills. you were just simply saying that the church should see it the way you see it.

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