“Let Us All Work For the Good of the Nation”

I have a different view on Reyn Barnido, the blogger who made a scathing remark on the President.  While he exhibits some well-meaning concerns about the direction the present administration was pursuing, his thinking, just like the  officials of Pinoys whom he considers “parochial”,  was also insular.

I am pro-PNOY and I am proud to say that I have contributed small

amount of money during his Presidential campaign, but unlike many, who look at him as the modern-day “Moses” who can also lead his own people out of  “bondage”, I look at him as an ordinary politician,  who can only secure the most votes and out of this popular mandate, unite a divided nation. Mr. Barnido’s  thinking is typical of most Pinoys.  They expect so much from their leaders and nothing from themselves.  In a sense, he is naïve of the magnitude of the problems of the country and hopes that in six years, all these social maladies would be gone.  This is the ultimate wishful thinking and barefaced parochialism. But this way of  thinking was engendered in large measure by the administration’s proclivity towards sloganeering, “walang corrupt, walang mahirap”,  which mirrors the way we offer simple solution to a very complex problems: “our damage culture and the  great moral quagmire we are in.”

My articles on PNOY were even more scathing and searing than Reyn’s  article on the President, but I did them out of a genuine concern that he looks hard and weighs his options before making important pronouncements and  decisions.

I see a popular President and had dreams of his popularity being put to good use in rallying a fractious society in one direction:  prosperity, by taking one small step at a time; and to instill in us the concept of one country, one flag, one people.

No more sloganeering Mr. President. Look hard at the problems ahead and sound off one battle-cry:  “Let us all roll our sleeves up and begin to work for the good of the nation.”

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