911, A Distortion of Islam or Its Revelation?

 Two contrasting prophets, one is the opposite of the other.  One is the centerpiece of the Christian faith, the  other, of the Muslim faith.

Jesus and his disciples entered the city of Jerusalem, borne by a donkey spreading the word of peace.  He preached love thy enemy and promised the Kingdom of Heaven.

Muhammad entered Mecca and Medina with his army, slaying those who opposed him and treated generously those who submitted to his authority. (620-630). He beckoned everyone to slay the infidels and those who died in battle while fighting his foe,  will be richly rewarded in Heaven.

Both had preached life after death. The Christian faithful  will achieve it by loving his enemy the other by slaying his enemy.  One is  a peacemaker and the other a field commander.  Muslims, conveniently described as extremists, propelled by Muhammad’s biddings to show no mercy to the infidels was the reason of the twin-tower disaster. Is  Islam’s message of peace only for those who share with their faith and death to those who embrace another?

Two major religions whose chief architects  differ on how to spread the word of God.   No wonder the world is in  flux between  violence and uneasy peace.

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