RP, Will Always Be A Third World Country Unless,

We do not have the sophistication and the elan of most people who inhabit the most prosperous countries of the world and therefore we shall always be poor and miserable unless we change our attitude and character as a people.

We could not handle a simple hostage-taking drama and we blame the President for the catastrophic police blunder and we continue to campaign against an elected President three months after the elections was over.  

We use the internet to showcase our ignorance and wallow in our new-found skill of using a language that abhors form, style and grammar which our elders took pains to learn.  Out of this struggle for styles, we have produced countless essayists, writers, novelists,  journalists and poets, but now we are endlessly thrilled by bloggers and tv personalities who are expert jejemoners.

Unknowingly, we are destroying our literary gifts and the incipient seeds of the reverse  application of Darwinian theory of  “selective adaptation” display in their full splendor.  We are near  extinction!

This is quite a  mouthful of our character as a people.

Elite force of another country was able to rescue their compatriots held in another country by armed terrorists which resulted to 3 hostage fatalities (one mistaken as a terrorist) one dead brave commando leader, Yoni Netanyahu and the  hostile force suffered a dozen of terrorists dead and 20 Ugandan soldiers dead.

Here, a lone gunman inside a controlled area in our park can kill 8 hostages and wound several others.  We can only droll with envy and hem in our pitiful incompetence that is seen by the world.  But most of us would still be proud to be a Filipino, and that is even more pitiful!

However, my take in this bloody-hostage taking is,  whatever faults and bungling the police had done, pale in comparison with the fault of once bemedalled police officer turned bandit and scalawag, Capt. Rolando Mendoza, in shooting harmless and innocent civilians. He does not deserve any symphaty from anyone.

5 thoughts on “RP, Will Always Be A Third World Country Unless,

  1. hmm…I was looking for a less elite hostage crisis to compare with this philippines botched thingy..and I came up with this American movie “Dog Day Afternoon” with Al Pacino…well the guy was so amateurish compare to our police scalawag..but my focus was on the police and negotiators who uses their knowledge in dealing with this crisis.

  2. its cinematic and the outcome is almost predictable. but in real-life drama, anything goes. i think the basic assumption in this hostage crisis was the situation was under control because it was a case of police talking to another police and therefore the rescuers did not prepare for the “worst case scenario.”

  3. I’m surprising myself seeing my comment almost 3 years na…jejeje I don’t even understand my comment..why on earth Al Pacino “Dog Day Afternoon” thanks Mr Jcc for being patient & accommodating. Anyway I saw that movie Rescue from Entebe probably 3 times, never tire watching it. I admire the Israelis..their tough commandos stratiegy ..I also watched the movie Munich, the revenge of the Israelis to killer of Olympic athletes in Germany awesome…I admire Golda Meir.

  4. I know RP will always be a third World country and you said it is near extinction..not ..Filipino multiply every second we will overflow with no distinction. I don’t know what they will call it….extinction is for the rare & genteel species..if we do not cultivate or rear…it will die.

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