Hostage-Taking, A Lesson of Police Incompetence and Lawlessness!

I am writing this post while watching the hostage taking place at 8:00 p.m. August 23, in Manila, (8:00, a.m. here)  The hostage drama started early morning at 9:00 a.m.

Rolando Mendoza, a police captain, heavily armed, commandered a Tourist bus mostly with Hongkong Chinese Tourists. The driver of the bus who was handcuffed to the steering wheel escaped past 7:00 p.m. and reported that  all the hostages were killed. As to the number of those killed were not known yet  because the assault team have yet to secure the bus, and they could not secure  it, let alone open the door of the bus.  The police had been hammering off and on the door but could not bring the door down. An electric cutter could have successfuly done the job, but even the idea of bringing one did not enter the mind of the swat team.

This is police bungling in its zenith.  The bus should have been secured at once so the victims inside could be brought to the hospital for possible treatment.  The police cannot take the word of the driver at face value and assume that indeed all the hostages were dead. 

That a tear gas could be lobbed inside the bus whose glass door and some window shields were broken to disable the hostage taker did not occur to the mind of the assaulting team.  Or it is possible that they do not have a tear gas at their disposal  when they assaulted the bus. 

Sketchy reports said that the hostage taker had a brush with the law and is facing a criminal case before the Ombudsman.  Not satisfied with the way his case pans out, he went berserk and took a busfull of tourists.  He wants his criminal case resolved by committing another crime, this time in full view of the world. 

This is one sick bastard coming from an organization which just two days ago, one member was seen torturing a suspect to death. 

This is a police officer  who is supposed to secure the lives of innocent civilians but instead he become their tormentor.  He does not believe in  the court but he wants the public to believe in his innocence. 

This officer should have been disabled much earlier without casualties to innocent tourists. 

And the incompetent police seems to be competent only in counting the survivors and the dead.

How tragic!

Everyone should read this link as a footnote:


2 thoughts on “Hostage-Taking, A Lesson of Police Incompetence and Lawlessness!

  1. I actually think that throwing a tear gas inside did occur to the minds of the swat team, however, i dont think that they have the proper gas masks required to make the assault…

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