An Aquino Victory Is Certain!

At the close of election day, votes will be tabulated and early on Senator Benigno Aquino III would be leading the pack of presidential candidates and finally he will be declared the winner. His election would be without protests, but unexpectedly, Manny Villar, will  be the first one to concede to Aquino’s victory, followed by Sec. Teodoro (Gibo).  Erap would continue to bewail election irregularities and would call on his supporters to go make political splash on the streets. 

But Erap as well as those who will disagree with the result of the elections would be up against the establishment which will benefit from the election of Aquino as an affirmation of the credibility of the first nation-wide automated system. 

A victory of Gibo, Estrada, Villar, or Gordon would make the automated system less credible.  It is only an Aquino victory that is likely to lend credence to this multi-BILLION PCOS machines and their problematic compact flash cards. 

But Aquino’s election will not usher in a new hope and change for the people.  The people will still remain poor and miserable.  Our economic grief is beyond anyone’s capability to overhaul.  Our previous leaders had already mortgaged our future to foreigners, our resources depleted and our treasury raided clean.  It will take more than six years to rebuild our economy and probably more years to rebuild our moral backbones. 

Aquino’s election is one small step toward change and one flicker of hope for our people. Let us join hands in taking this first step in one dark and dingy alley even where only one faintest light as our guide. 


One thought on “An Aquino Victory Is Certain!

  1. Mabuhay ang Filipino!….this is the part when I lost this site…my computer crash and all the bookmark gone…thank goodness I’m back. So Aquino now the President.. talk of wisdom he is Pnoy now and Noynoying…but I like him, he put Gloria in jail as promised before Christmas.

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