Erap, Rosalinda, Wowowee, GMA-7


Erap, Rosalinda, Wowwowe, GMA7, – “Alin ang Naiiba?”,  goes a kindergarten  brain teaser.  Apparently,  two in the group are natural persons, while one is a  very popular noontime show and the other, a media conglomerate.  But despite their being entirely different from each other, they have the same thing in common; each represents our addiction to something that perpetually demeans and enslaves us.

GMA-7  reported in 2008 a  P2.37 billion net profit  which is a huge sum in today’s faltering local and worldwide economy.  The increase in profit was generated by both domestic and foreign subscribers.  The media mogul made money by giving us “Eat Bulaga” with scantily clad young girls gyrating in front of TV cameras while Wowowee, of the rival station,  ABS-CBN, tries to outshine it with even more beautiful young girls slithering in various body contortions. It is not the young girls though that demean us but the idea that we can get cash dole outs from these two studios that routinely dispense money to few lucky fans by just hanging out there and wait for our turn for a crack at the jackpot.  Compared to the thousand of poor city dwellers that troop daily to these studios hours before sunrise, a dozen of lucky winners in these shows are too insignificant to the mass of humanity that went home empty-handed after spending  long hours outside and inside these studios of make-believe.  We do not quantify the man-hour loss, after all these are mostly jobless fans that have no regular jobs and could afford the endless wait hoping to be admitted in these studios and be given one shining opportunity to be on TV and make some few thousand bucks. Their belief that they can make instant cash keeps the hypnosis perpetual and prevents them from reinventing themselves to become more productive human resource. While these media moguls and their superstar hosts are assured of millions, the screaming fans both inside and outside these studios remain poor, gullible and pathetic.

GMA-7 does not only rob the jobless poor people of their right to think for themselves, it also rob the middle class of their cash by giving them cheap telenovelas in the likes of Rosalinda, Totoy Bato, Darna, “Ikaw Sana”  “Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit” and “Tinik sa Dibdib”. And while the actors and actresses in these teleseries were talented individuals, the storylines were cheap and the dialogues, pure garbage.  These teleseries are bazen attempt to keep the middle class as well as the C-D class stupid and clueless.

Both in substance and theme,  these teleseries are identical that if you have seen one, you could almost say that you have seen them all. Except for “Stairway To Heaven”  featuring Dindong Dantes and Rhian Ramos, two of the wholesome matinee idols of this recent years, all other teleseries  revolve in idiotic fantasies and nonsensical drama that are fit only for Pinoys whose brains had already suffered irreversible atrophy.

Totoy Bato featuring Robin Padilla, the “bad boy” of the Philippine  cinema, is a story about an “immortal hero” whose lifetime had spanned several generations in order to save mankind from bad people.  The story was almost lifted from three Hollywood films, “Highlander” featuring Christopher Lambert, “The Terminator” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Troy” with Brad Pit.  While these foreign films were distinct in themselves,  “Totoy Bato” was an alchemy of these three films. It was inspired by these three films that you could be certain that the Totoy Bato’s theme was copied from these films. That “Totoy Bato” was written by Carlo J. Caparas, who was named National Artist for Visual Arts and Film for 2009, made it even worst.  The genuine group of literary people  who inveighed against his choice as the national artist for this category had all the reasons to be up in arms and be scandalized because the choice reflects the lowest ebb of our creative genius that we find no more qualms in bestowing an award to a literary thief.  

“Darna” is an old heroine that her predecessors had already left the cinema and had gone to politics, and one lonely soul had gone from drugs into being lesbian.  It is being rehashed to entertain the Pinoys.  With the advent of modern technologies, Darna’s nemeses had quadrupled, but the cinematic rendition of this inherently Pinoy character-heroine in our tubes, remains crude and tasteless.

“Ikaw Sana” features Jennilyn Mercado and Mike Herras, husband and wife who had fallen victims of the scheming Pauline Luna and her mom. In one episode, she was framed-up for a murder and was  imprisoned in Palawan and thereafter had been transferred to Davao Penal Colony and she was jailed for 7 years and despite the advance in technology where “text messaging” and emails are common,  Ms. Mercado was unable to contact her husband in Manila  to inform him about her ordeal.  Nowadays, you can reach someone on the moon.  She relied on regular mails which were never mailed by her jailer and phone calls which were received by someone else in her household and therefore never get relayed to her husband.   And despite the overwhelming evidence that Ms. Luna had been working against her, she remains gullible in believing that Ms. Luna will bring the matter of her being imprisoned to Mr. Herras when Ms. Luna had visited her in prison in Palawan.

“Tinik sa Aking Dibdib” stars Sunshine Dizon (Lorna)  but she was replaced by Nadine Samonte in the casting because of Ms. Dizon’s  reported depression.  Opposite her is Marvin Agustin who could not believe in the switch from Lorna to Danika, another personality in the teleseries because of the plastic surgery performed on her by a psychopath physician.  Matching of dental records and DNA testing are two well-known procedures to settle any identity problem, but these forensic techniques have never crossed his mind when he was told that Danika is actually Lorna.

The same identity problem was raised in the teleseries, “Rosalinda”. Her husband,  Fernando Jose accepted  her being dead on the basis of a charred body where her necklace was found without DNA testing and dental record matching.  Despite his being a lawyer, he did not ask that these procedures be performed on the cadaver. And Rosalinda who was actually alive, found nothing immoral about her being married to Fernando Jose and yet living in the house of her manager, Alex who had been salivating to have sex with her and away from her husband and an infant daughter.  She is a very beautiful woman but there was no explanation in the story of how defective her psychological and moral  make-up was, thus giving the impression among our young televiewers that it was alright for a young married woman to stay in another man’s condo apart from her own family so she can help him rehabilitate from his paraplegic condition. If only she has a brain half-as-much as ordinary people have, it was easy to discern that Alex was her tormentor by keeping her away from her husband while she had an amnesia and concocting a grand lie about her husband having betrayed her and so she must exact some revenge.  She owed him no sympathy that can ruin her marriage to Fernando Jose,  yet her overflowing kindness to Alex had put her marriage at risk. There were so many loose ends and nonsense in this teleseries, which is quite the hallmark of all the other, but Rosalinda makes the perfect baloney.

Fernando Jose and his uncle Ariel Rivera are lawyers. When Fernando Jose filed for annulment of his marriage with Rosalinda, the teleseries had developed a storyline that if Rosalinda would not file her counter-affidavit to oppose the annulment, it would hasten the annulment process.  There are two legal misconceptions in this regard.  In annulment, you file an answer not a counter-affidavit and if you did not file an answer it will not hasten the annulment, it could even prolong it.  Once a respondent in a case for annulment had failed to file an answer, the Public Prosecutor will conduct his own investigation to ensure that husband and wife did not enter into a collusion to have their marriage annulled by conveniently filing the petition and let it unopposed by other spouse because public policy which promotes the sanctity of marriage and the family as the basic foundation of society, forbids collusion to obtain annulment of marriage.

While GMA-7 is awash with money, it would not submit its teleseries for review of their legal consultants who could have noticed this legal anomaly in the script and purge it.  It is comfortable in dishing out garbage to the public.

“Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit” which features Aiza Calzado was desperate of getting an enviable social status that she would  be willing to be adopted by  a rich couple who served as her baptism sponsors and abandon her poor and broken-hearted mother. She was no longer a minor and therefore adoption is not an option, unless the adopting parents were the natural parents of the child or they have raised and treated the child as their own prior to the adoption.  This is another legal anomaly which could have been easily blue-penciled had the script been subjected to review by its legal consultants.

But wait a minute, Kaya Kong Abutin, is a story produced by one Attorney Abrogar.

Meantime, Erap is rearing for a political comeback. He thinks that he is the best thing that ever happened to the Philippine Presidency because he is pro-masa.  Like GMA-7, which routinely doles out cash in its variety show to some adoring fans and distributed relief goods to flood-ravaged Manilans, Erap also distributed goodies to Tondo residents.  Never mind his having converted Malacanang into a casino pub for his high roller friends and  was adjudged having illegally acquired millions from  jueting payolas.  His cinema persona had enslaved us and effectively put blinders in our ability to see him through as a fraud. He represents every one of us who believes that with good looks,  we can also succeed in life.

Erap, Rosalinda, Wowowee and GMA-7, four different degenerative exposures worst than the radioactive fall-out of any atomic explosion that that beset the entire nation and our people. We are experiencing the reverse of Darwin’s theory of natural selection and our pea-brains will usher us back to become pygmies again.

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