Annika, (May 24, 2009)

      I shall call  you  “Kikay”.  Nobody in the family will call you Kikay except your grandpa.  Your would-be friend Kristina had been waiting for your coming and quite excited about it and she  would call you by your  sweetest nickname, “Annie”. Your aunt Kaycee and Loren or even your grandma will probably call you the same or simply Ann.

One-Day Old and 3 Weeks Early of Her Schedule.  A poweful interaction between Daughter and Father enough to silence the Pro-Abortionist Group.
1-day old and 3 weeks early of her schedule, clutched in the arms of her dad, a poignant and yet powerful scene that can halt the pro-abortion group right in its track.

          But you shall remain Kikay to grandpa.  The name sounds so exotic and so endearing though had you been a boy, Kikoy could be the name for a clown.  But as a girl’s nickname,  Kikay  evokes some special kind of a bond.  A bond that  that distinguishes any other bond with others.  Your other grandpa would not be able to make any spatial bind with you, but later, you can search for his spiritual presence while I search for yours now.

         The family had waited for you for 4 long years now.  You seem to appreciate the gravity of those  missed years that you came  out 3 weeks  ahead of your schedule.   Everyone else in the clan has an attitude, but yours surpassed that of everyone else.  You are a textbook example of a paradox;  eager to face the world in an economic crisis while others were running away from it.   That’s my Kikay…

      I shall be your greatest grandpa because you have no other.  I am thrilled by the distinction.

      Meanwhile break the stillness of that early dawn with the shrill of your innocence. 

       Welcome to the World my little sweet angel ! ! !

        Those who are not thrilled with young infants can click here:

3 thoughts on “Annika, (May 24, 2009)

  1. So you are a Lolo now,Congrats! I’m so happy for you and
    your family.Babies are the sweetest especially if it’s your own. Just like you,soon I will be a Lola too. My eldest daughter Jeannie will be due the last week of
    Jan. or 1st week of Feb.We’re sooooo excited!!!
    Talagang gurang na kita ano? I like the name Annika and Kikay is a very nice nickname, very Filipino and I can see you picking that pet name for her.


  2. Mila,

    Thanks. I am a grandpa and yet would not admit to be “gurang”. Its all in the mind. :). I am glad you were back from jetsetting? How was the climate in Australia? – Nothing compared to Canada? Advance welcome to your grandkid.

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