Justice for Lance Cpl. Smith?


              Ms. Nicole had vanished into the dead of the night.  She has left a conundrum of orphans and a lot of far more troubling questions.  Was she a victim or a victimizer?  Why did the poster girl of  Gabriela and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan go as to even render yet another  unlikely orphan, the venerable old man, Senator Jovito Salonga? But in the wake of her disappearance she has left a trail of what could have really happened on November 1, 2005.   Her previous statement which provided the basis to charge five people with rape was whittled down to one, Lance Cpl. Smith  by Hon. Judge Bejamin T. Pozon in a decision on December 4, 2006.  Her latest statement provided us  another yet troubling aspect of what  really could have happened on that night of the day of the dead.  From five people whom she has claimed previously to have conspired to bang her inside  a Starex van,  she says now that there was none, and   the intimate liaison between her and Mr. Smith, the accused detained in a comfortable U.S. embassy premises in Roxas Boulevard, “could have been consensual”.

Can the same group who rallied behind Nicole on a paramount issue of justice take the cudgels for Smith now for the same reason?  Or are we programmed only to see ourselves as victims and never as abusers?

Don’t call me heartless and callous.  I have two daughters.  In 1993, Mayor Sanchez  raped and killed a college coed and her beau. My youngest daughter then was in the kindergarten, the other was third year high school.  In one post  I said:

      “ I was already a lawyer when Aillen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez were murdered, the former after being gang-raped. I have two young daughters then, tears flowing from my eyes after reading the newspaper account of the bestiality committed on Aillen and her plea for life after she was ravished had fallen on deaf ears. I have chill all over my spine.  I  have to close the door in my room, my two daughters were in school and I wept”.

 My youngest daughter is going 20 and here she is singing:



Given the unfolding drama that continues to fixate the entire nation, I would still be cheering for Nicole.  Unlike some young women who are better situated,  Ms. Nicole has  limited options but the route she has taken is the best for her –  though  her own private sense of justice  could have trampled another sense of justice, that of Cpl. Lance Smith. 

Meanwhile the drama continues to unfold both on and off-court. Expect  a sequel in this spicy episode. 

6 thoughts on “Justice for Lance Cpl. Smith?

  1. So now lance corporal smith is exonerated by the court of appeals. what could be next?

    I would not think it would go to the SC,unless the pressure groups would push for it.

    Thanks for sharing the video of your kid.

  2. kg

    thanks for dropping by..

    where there is acquittal, it ends there. no one appeals from an acquittal verdict under the principle of double jeopardy.

    but i think nicole’s going to the U.S. was part of the deal/settlement.

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