“When the printing press had received Tony’s cover design for the book, people in the layout department were disconcerted to find what they thought was a blurry and fuzzy image of a building in between the titles and my name. They had lost no time in asking me to contact Tony  and ask him to send a clearer copy of the design.  I e-mailed Ms.  Weng, the go-between the press and me  and told her that the blurred image is the artist’s figurative rendition of the termite-ridden building of the Supreme Court. I could have requested for a clearer picture or a newly-spruced up building to replace the image because the “Termites are Within” the building and not outside it, but I think the termites will soon be outside the building nibbling away every palisade that supports it”.

      “One can see how people could be limited but honest in their own perception and perspective.  The layout people in the printing press could have thought that that a more picturesque building professionally laid out on a paperbound will reflect the printing press’s state of the art printing technology, which by itself can spur curiosity from bookworms to thumb through the pages of the book, but the artist who designed the cover had laid out the entire theme of the book in few blurred yet bold strokes even mindful that an art, like an encrypted message makes sense only if you can decode it”.

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